Robotics for R&D

For Researchers to Discover New Knowledge


Where new algorithm is discovered

We are the vendor and also the developer of customized robots for researchers. Few choices from 4-wheels robots or even flying one to choose. Researchers can applied their algorithms and mathematical modelings to the robots to see the performances. Various robotics fields like Machine Vision, A.I., Navigation, Mapping, Obstable Avoidance, Motor Control System, Power Control, Wireless Charging and many more can be experimented using our RND robots.

We also can customized robots to your needs based on your research. More sensor, electronics system and actuators can be added to suite your research. Powered by open source Robot Operating System (ROS) for high level controller, Arduino for low level controller, and numerous examples to codes maths and algorithms on ROS and Arduino, researchers can easily applied their research to our robots. We offer sales and rental service for universities and corparation.