Robotics for Edu

For Student to Practice Logics and Maths


Where maths and logics are practiced

We are the vendor and also the developer of customized robots for student. Few choices from wheel-balanced robot and 4-wheels robots or even flying one to choose. Students can learn basic logics and maths to direct robot doing some task and moving on some path using simple customized library that makes actual programming language so easy to understand so student will be familiar actual codes when entering real world.

We also can customized robots to your needs based on your school syllabus. More sensor and actuators can be added to suite the existing syllabus like physics, sciences, biology and chemistry. We offer sales and rental service for school. We also offer program to school like "Robots Solve Daily Probs" where we train school teacher to handle the program and having fun with students solving problem with robots. We also have other trainings related to robotics such as IoT, Autonomous Robots, AI and more