ENDStruct A.I. Robotics Schema


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Expandable Non-Conventional Droid Structure also known as ENDStruct is a technical principle believed by a group of robotics engineers working togather developing wonderful robots for Fun, Edu, R&D and Biz using an architecture that proprietary owned by ENDStruct that they called ENDStruct AI Robotics Schema or EARS.

EARS is the core in all of the robotics developed by ENDStruct that covers software and hardware parts of the robot. EARS consists of various components including state-of-the-art engine in navigation system based on deep learning and novel generalized PID system that can be tuned to work perfectly in various terrain with all kind of maneuver system such as all-wheel, two-wheel, skid-steer, articulated-steer or omnidirectional system powered by EDIS Controller by EFOVA.