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We are the vendor and also the developer of customized robots for business and various industries. Robots serving various sectors such as agriculture, logistics, construction, manufacturing, security and much more are available to choose. Business owner can run their business 247 without need to worry about latest status of their activiy because everything is connected to the internet using IoT technology. Robot can be monitored and controlled remotely from anyway in the world and with our A.I. powered intelligence, all the assigned task can be executed naturally even when something is gone wrong. Our A.I. system will learn and solve the problem on their own in order to effeciently deliver the task.

We also can customized robots to your needs based on your business. More sensor, electronics system and actuators can be added to suite your demand in solving your problems in automations. Powered by various platform for monitoring and control such as Website, Mobile Application and Workstations, person in chaarge can easily take incharge to deploy the system. We also offer sales and rental service for business owner.


Projects Portfolios

Autonomous AGV with B-Robotic Singapore

With B-Robotic we developed Autonomous AGV that carries up to 500kg payload using EARS for Singapore Port Authority and ST Engineering